My Background

Born in Rochester, I enjoyed riding his bike as much as the next kid.  At age 14 it became a growing passion, by 15 I was racing and working as a mechanic at The Honest Bike Shop.  Senior year, I was working at Rochester Cycling and also spent 2 weeks as a mechanic for RAAM (Race Across America).  While earning my degree at UW-LaCrosse, I continued my love of riding, racing, and tuning bikes at Smith’s Cycling and Fitness.  Post college led me back to Rochester Cycling, this time as the service manager where I stayed until the spring of 2017.   After a few years of conceptualizing the idea, My Bike Guy was born and I am now on the road making bikes and bikers smile.  I now sit with almost 30 years of bicycle mechanic experience and Rochester’s only mechanic fully certified by the Professional Bicycle Mechanic Association.

Cycling exploits

I have changed a tube at -30F, and won a 100 mile mountain bike race at 112F.  All on bikes I built from the ground up.  I have competed in and won races on the road, off road, and gravel.  Covering distances from just a few miles to 350 miles.  If it involves a bike, there is a good chance I have done it (even a full Ironman Triathlon).  Just about every bike I have owned was built from the ground up; wheels custom built by myself.  I treat my customer’s bike like I treat my own.