So how does this work?     Book an appointment now!

1. You schedule an appointment because you have bike(s) that need love.

2. I come to you and make your bike run great again in my shop van.  Only requirement is you point to where your bike is.  I will even get it off the wall for you.

3. I leave and you go ride.

So you need me to make space in my garage to work?

No, I have a large van that I can comfortably work in.  You only need to get me access to your bike.

Where is your service area?

The Rochester area, but Kasson/Mantorville represents the Western edge, Stewartville the Southern, Oronoco the Northern, and Chester the Eastern.  I can travel farther for larger service calls.  The minimum service charge is larger for Kassona and Stewartville to help account for the added drive time.

Can you come out to my work?

Yes I can.  In fact, many companies have health service programs and may be interested in hiring me to come work on employee’s bikes as a benefit to them.  I would love to park my van at your company for the day!

So you charge a lot more, right?

No, you’ll find my tune up pricing in line with local bike shops, just without the headaches of hauling your bikes (twice) and waiting potentially weeks for completion.  When factoring in the time and effort of hauling your bikes to and from the shop, I save you money.

What bikes do you work on?

Short answer, all of them.  Long answer, road, mountain, city, bike path, adult, kids, triathlon, recumbent, tandem, etc.  I do work on electric assist bikes, but very limited work on electronics involved.  I have helped get things like strollers and golf caddies get going as well.  I will not touch anything that takes gasoline or oil.

I ran into an emergency and need my bike fixed now.  Can you help?

I want your business and will do what I can.  Feel free to contact me.

Are you that Iditarod guy?

Yeah, I am.  Yes, THE Iditarod trail in Alaska.  No, not on a dogsled, just on my bike.  It is amazingly remote and there was minimal support.  I can tell you more when I come work on your bike.