Not only does My Bike Guy offer Rochester’s most convenient and customer focused bike shop, your mechanic comes to you with almost 30 years of actual bike shop experience as a mechanic.  Along with decades of experience, your bike will also be cared for Rochester’s only mechanic certified through the strenuous 2 part certification process  of the Professional Bicycle Mechanic Association.


All services quoted are subject to change. 

There is a $59 minimum service charge for Rochester, Byron, and Oronoco.  $99 minimum for Stewartville and Kasson/Mantorville.  

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The Tune Up$99, $10 discount for each additional bike on same visit

This is a full head to toe tune up of your bicycle.  Parts needed and installation are extra, but your bike will sing once this is done.  We also have plenty of accessories if desire a computer, bottle cage, lights, etc.  Your wheels will be trued with the tires aired and hub bearings adjusted.  Brakes will be adjusted to work to their best potential.  Your shifting will also be set up properly including; cable tension, set screws, derailleur hanger alingment, and front derailleur positioning.  A little high quality lube on the chain, derailleurs, and all four cables cables can bring noticeable benefits.  All the bolts will be checked for proper torque including; cranks, chain ring, stem, handlebar, derailleur hanger, front and rear derailleurs, and pedals.  The bearings in the headset and bottom bracket will also be adjusted properly.  Once this is all done we will give your bike a good cleaning that will also polish your bike as well deliver a layer of protection from UV rays (including the wheels, but excluding the drivetrain).  You may need cables, maybe brake pads, perhaps a new chain and cassette.  These will more than likely be caught before any work is done and brought to your attention.  People will often add to the Tune Up a:

The Tune Up Plus $29 add on to the regular Tune Up.

Upgrade your tune up to The Tune Up Plus.  Your drivetrain is the heart of your bike, it gets dirty and filthy.  This will deep clean it as to keep it quiet, efficient, and lasting longer.  After a a high quality lube will be applied and your bike will thank you for the extra love and attention.

We are happy to do items ala carte as well.  An example of some rates:

$20 ala carte

  • Standard wheel true
  • Adjustment of front or rear shifting
  • Adjustment of front or rear brakes
  • Adjustment of rear hub
  • Installation of a tire, tube, chain, or cassette
  • Adjustment of the front hub, bottom bracket, or headset

Some other labor rates

  • Build new bike out of a box (including dispose of box and materials)-$149
  • Replace a broken spoke or two-$35
  • Bleed hydraulic brake-$40
  • Wheel Build-$99
  • One on one teaching you how to work on your own.  Expect this to take a few hours-$99/hour
  • General hourly rate-$99/hour